How’s your grip?

Plans. Economy. Relationships. The car. God. Pets. Family. Weather. Job. Church. Investments. Circumstances. Finances. Government. Children.

What do  all of these have in common? You might say, “Things that make me feel like pulling out my hair!”  That may be true.  But that is not the thought I’m having.  I’m thinking more along the lines of cirumstances I can’t control.  OK you’re right, “Things that make me feel like pulling my hair out!”

“Losing control” is a scary thing.  Have you ever been in a car wreck?  I have – several times.  Fortunately, I was at fault in only one of those accidents and no one was injured.  Whether it was my fault or someone else’s the feelings of being out of control were the same.  They were all scary moments… moments that I could no longer control… moments that all had the same ending… a car crash.  Those events could have been avoided either by myself or by someone else. 

Look over that list again…  add to it if you need. 

Just about everything on the above list has a solution.  Each potential solution has steps that could be taken so that for the most part control can be obtained.  For those situations that can have a measure of control or comfort in our lives it takes discipline on our part and working with others.  It may require an expert from a particular field in order for us to gain the necessary skills needed to be able to function in a reasonable manner. 

For those that we have no control, ie., the government.  We must cast our vote and trust that those elected really are doing what’s best for our country. 

Then there’s God.  Too often once we’ve lost control in one or more of the things above that’s when we call out to God.  Once we’ve reached the end of our rope then we call for help.  

And then there are those times when God allows trouble for a season for His purpose(s).  If you don’t believe that read Job in the Old Testament. 

Do you have trouble believing?  In John 14, Jesus said, “Don’t be troubled.  You trust God, now trust in me.”  Losing your grip? Losing “control”? Maybe that is exactly what needs to happen…  To give up what you can do in your own strength – whatever the situation and surrendering to God in Jesus. 

 There are many thoughts, ideas, and truth’s from God’s Word that can be discussed here.  What are your thoughts?

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