half birthday’s

I’d say when my daughter Jacqueline was 5 she figured out on the calendar when she was going to be 5 and a half.  The days were flying by that year and all she did was talk about her “half birthday”. 

So I decided since this is turning into such a big deal I ought to do something about it.  But what?  Have another birthday party with cake and a ton of other 5 year olds running around?  I don’t think so – because I had not recovered from the last party. 

So what was I to do for this very monumental day in this 5 year olds life? 

I figured it out.  It would be a date with dad.  Dress up and take her anywhere she would wanted to go.  I thought I would come out cheap and get to go to McDonald’s.  Not what she had in mind.  We went to Red Lobster and had Crab Legs!!!

Well, she is 13 now and we still celebrate “half birthday’s”.  Now all three of the kids get to pick.  Anywhere out to eat with dad.  Got lucky this year with Walker… He wanted McDonald’s.  Valerie wanted Applebee’s (I think she really wanted Dave and Buster’s but we didn’t have time for that). 

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