desert rose

My step son gave his mom a rose for Valentine’s Day.  It sits in this stem holder with a balloon over it in the shape of a heart.  As I sit here and admire the rose, I recall how it looked a week ago and how colorful it was.  A week later it is still pretty standing tall.  It’s faded and worn a bit now but still safely inside the balloon bringing beauty as the center piece to the table.

As I look at this rose I’m recalling my life following Jesus.  I’m thinking about all of the great things God has allowed me to do in His name.  I recall how fresh I was as a new energized follower of Christ.  In this same moment I’m also recalling all of the loneliness I’ve experienced in the midst of doing His work. 

Even now with my insatiable desire to live for Him and serve Him in all I do – I find myself still feeling a little lonely.  Not sure why… I just do.  Kind of lost looking for a place to be and to belong in the midst of His kingdom… a place to serve him. 

I listed the lyrics to a song I wish I could have written myself.  While satisfying my hunger at lunch today this song came to mind.  It’s called “Desert Rose” by Whiteheart.  

Desert Rose

Lost in a windswept land in a world of shifting sand  A fragile flower stands apart and there in that barren ground You feel like you are the only one trying to serve Him with all your heart and you wonder, wonder can you last much longer this cloud you are under will it cover you

Desert rose, desert rose don’t you worry, don’t be lonely heaven knows, heaven knows in a dry and weary land a flower grows His desert rose

Sometimes holiness can seem like emptiness when you feel the whole world’s laughing eyes but it’s a lovely day know you’re on the Father’s way  He will hear you when you cry and He will hold you, hold you your Father will hold you  He will love you love you for the things you do

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