military. prayer. chaplaincy.

I would love to be a Chaplain in the US Army.  I still think about it everyday.  Not sure why I didn’t make it.  I heard from the recruiter a few months back.  I still can be one.  But I need 6 more hours of seminary to make it happen.  I have a little over 4 years to get it done.  I know God has a plan… He has a reason why I didn’t become one.  My heart is still very tender over it.  Kind of breaks when I spend too much time thinking about it.  Who knows maybe he has something else that He has been preparing all along anyway.  I still think about it none-the-less.  I may not be wearing the uniform serving our country the way I would like to be.  So I will serve my country anyway… a little differently.  I’ll serve by praying daily.

I pray each day for Maj. Steven Cantrell (Chaplain), Pvt Todd Trowbridge, and Pvt Steven Scroggins.  I’m proud of you guys!!(Jason you don’t have his name on your blog but Joel seems to think it is Steven so that’s what I’ve been praying since your post.  Let me know if it is different… until I know for sure I still pray for your brother daily.)

Who do you know serving our country that you pray for?  Someone that you would want others to be praying for?

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