why 2?

One may ask, “why attend two small groups?”

 I’m glad you asked!  One group I attend is a men’s small group early in the morning.  I have been meeting with one of the men (Randy)  going on 2 years. 

During our time together we have reached out to several men.  We had a couple of other guys join in from time to time but we never really experienced any “numerical growth.”  I know why… it was all about God’s timing.  I was serving on staff in a church while going through a divorce.  That was a lot to go through.  While at the same time trying to cope with the emotions of not being with my children daily (I still deal with that)… this was more than I could ever bare on my own.  Randy saw me through a lot. 

I knew it was time to step aside from “the ministry” (for a season) as I struggled with my personal life.  I told my former pastor Brad (who is still a great friend), “I just can’t do this (ministry) right now because I have nothing to give.”  Every-time I tried to get filled up there was nothing left to spill-over or to give away.

So, Randy and I kept meeting together.  Back in August of ’07, I for the first time in 1-2 years began to experience a breakthrough.  God began to overpower the hurt and darkness that had me bound.  Simultaneously, God was also at work in the lives of several of my friends.  As a result, numerical growth began to take place.

Joel was asked by Tim (our small groups pastor) if we would come and be a part of the small group network of our church.  So here we are.  It’s been amazing to see the guys who have come to be a part of this group.  Guys coming to know Jesus… reunite with Jesus.  Today, we are always on the look out for other’s who may come and get to know Christ.  Through our one-on-one relationships and through the group.

The second group is a couples Journey Group from our church.  Five months ago I got married again.  Me and Lori attend this one together.  This week was our 4th week (I think).  It is something we need for each other.  What a miracle it is to be a part of this group!!  I feel like I have known these folks for much more than 4 weeks.  The great thing about our journey group is that it is not about us.  It’s about Christ.  It’s about the “one”.  It’s about prayer.  It’s about accountability.  It’s about serving our community.  It’s about celebrating life’s victories.  It’s about serving our church.

“Doing life” with other believers is awesome and it is something that I would never forsake.  Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name – I am there too.” 

But we should never forget the “one”.  Who is the “one”?  It is the person you work with that does not have a relationship with God.  It is the neighbor who needs to be reached with God’s love.  It’s the person who waits on our table.  It’s the person at the checkout stand in the grocery store.  It’s the stranded motorist on the side of the road. 

The beauty of building relationships in group life is for the “one.”  On my own, God can use me to lead someone to Christ.  But when I can get the “one” connected with other believers there is so much more that can occur in that life. This person will get a much bigger picture of God through others.

God didn’t call us to come together just to sit, soak, and sour and be a bunch of spiritually over-weight stinky Christians!  He wants us to be filled up with his fresh water so that we may spill over onto others.  To impact other lives in the name of Jesus.  We need to care for the lost.  We need to not only pray for them but we need to be with them.  Make time to be with them.  Matthew 28 tells us to go into all the world…

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