focus revisited

Life under pressure can destroy your vision if you don’t bring it under control. I have found that Jesus is the one to give me life. He is the one who brings peace. He is the one to restore all things and make them new.Before I found out I had high blood pressure one of the problems I was having was with my vision. Not only did I have serious headaches I also was having a bit of blurring with my vision. I thought well I’m 40 now and it’s time for some glasses. So I went to the doctor and I was given a prescription to fix the problem. Things got worse. A couple of weeks went by and I went to the blood pressure machine at work and discovered my blood pressure was out of control.

It wasn’t until I treated the high blood pressure with the correct medication that I began to realize that I didn’t need those glasses (as much). I was trying to fix a symptom and not the problem.

Life is a lot like that so I am noticing. There’s a lot of pressure in my life right now. If I’m not careful this pressure will help me lose my focus. I had a situation yesterday come up while I am in my Green Belt 6 Sigma Training class I am taking for work. This class is a huge stretch for me and I need every ounce of attention I can muster! A situation that is personal and not work related. I called my wife and Joel and said please pray. Pray that I can keep my focus while in this class. I found out later someone else had been praying for me and sent me a wonderful email last night at the perfect time!! God is good.

I thank the Lord for allowing February “08 to be a month of rest and peace. I have had a wonderful time of growing and finding focus once again in my life.

Yesterday I quoted James because the pressure has once again been turned up. Today I have to remember to really thank God for the test I am in. I had begun to think the test was over and now it’s time to move on to new ground. My own Brutus (thanks for the lesson Jamye) brought me back to reality this week. Jayme’s comments are timely and I hope that you will find them as stirring within your own soul.God, has reminded me in this moment that I am still in training. There is still much more to learn. Much more fat in my life that needs to be trimmed away. I’m in a race. A race that has a finish line. I must throw off everything that hinders me. And keep my eye on the prize… keep my eye on the goal… keep my eye on the finish line and what He has called me for.My souls desire in life is to please God in every way. I want nothing less than to be alive, in tune with, and sensitive to God and his leading in my life. I want nothing less than to be able to worship God in all situations and circumstances. Even in the battles of today there is peace to be found. It can be obtained. I know that God will bring victory.

As I look at my Brutus in the face… unfortunately, the look I have is not one of love and compassion …I know I must reach down from within my soul and love. I look to God and I cry out, “Help me to change my look… save me… and may your will be done!”

3 thoughts on “focus revisited

  1. Roye…for some reason God chose to put Brutus’ in our lives…even Jesus’ life. Maybe one day we’ll get to graduate from school…and not have to learn these lessons? Hmmm…probably not 🙂

  2. It just seemed appropriate…

    LET THE RAIN FALL DOWN ON ME by Larry Norman

    My woman left me, felt like she left me for another man
    You know it came as some surprise, it wasn’t in the plan
    She never told me nothing was wrong, she didn’t give me a clue
    But one morning there was a knock on the door
    And I found out we were through.

    I saw my future fading and with the papers in my hand
    I found myself transported into this desert land.

    My feet are burning, the hour is getting late
    My journey is much too long and time will not wait.

    So Heavenly Father, thou who all doth see
    You let the rain fall down on the good and the bad
    So let the rain fall down on me.

    As through this life you ramble and through this world you roam
    You might live in a lot of places and never find your home.

    As down the road you wander and through the open fields you cross
    You must never stop believing for all is not lost.

    And don’t worry ’bout the unfaithful lover and false friend
    For the love that you have given is what matters in the end.

    So Heavenly Father, thou who all doth see
    You let the rain fall down on the good and the bad
    So let the rain fall down on me.

    Life is complicated, very hard to live
    I try to turn my cheek to everything my enemies give.

    I’ve got a lot of compassion for the sinners and the slaves
    I’ve got a message for those not in their graves

    He will cover you with water and baptize your pain
    If you let his power wash you clean and soothe your fevered brain

    So Heavenly Father, help me thine to be
    You let the rain fall down on the quick and the dead
    So let the rain fall down on me.

    I didn’t know you were my father,
    I thought you were the hanging judge,
    And when I came into your courtroom
    I thought you’d hold a grudge.
    I thought I was a lowly servant
    I didn’t know I was your son
    And I didn’t know you had forgiveness
    For anything I might have done.

    This world is crumbling, your kingdom is at hand
    Give me the strength to live and help me to stand.

    There’s gonna be a collision, the world is going fast
    A mortgaged future meets a bankrupt past.

    A change is coming and people slumber in their bed
    Storm clouds are bringing rain and the moon is turning red.

    Heavenly Father, thou who all doth see
    You let the rain fall down on the quick and the dead
    So let the rain fall down on me.

    Let this good life be the life we lead
    Let our faith grow like a mustard seed
    Let his love be all the love we need
    To carry us all the way home.

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