new meaning to “playing possum”

I have moved onto the Bishop Compound where everyday is a new adventure. 

Lori and I live on the acres of land her father owns.  It’s a great place to live.  There is a pasture behind us with cows that bless us with the natural smells they leave behind from time to time.  Everywhere else around us we are surrounded by beautiful woods.  Before long we’ll have the opportunity to see her father’s large garden in action! Sometimes in the evening I like to go out on the front porch and watch the deer.  I really like the “country” feel I have where we live.

Well, living in the country also has it’s less then desirable critters that roam the land.  With the time change it’s day light a lot longer and so I was getting some things done outside this evening.  While out there I found the pesky little possum that has been giving us fits around the house. 

So, I sprung into action!  I ran inside to get my Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun.  I unloaded about 30 BB’s on the not so little guy.  With each shot it just sat there and finally it’s head sort of leaned over like he was dead.  Then I thought, “That thing ain’t dead – it’s playing ‘possum’ with me!” 

Well, Lori calls her dad and tells him what is going on in the backyard.  He shows up a few minutes later sporting his pistol.  With one shot there was no more playing possum! (You can tell I’m a city boy!)

Alright, so what spiritual truths do we reach real hard to find in the midst of this little “warm and fuzzy”? (Just for you DV).

I have something in mind but you’ll have to wait for Part 2.  Until then you are more than welcome to post your thoughts.

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