“Knife-happy circumcisers”


 Eugene Peterson’s way of wording in The Message is great.  The title “Knife-happy circumcisers” is from Philippians 3:2. 

It’s interesting to see  in just about every field of work, play, and even the church people want to be seen.  People want the recognition “due them”.  It cracks me up when I hear someone jealously interject their own input into something so it makes the resume or the newspaper… so it gets their selfish ambitions noticed.  Let me tell you hard work every-time will get you recognized.  No matter what it is you are doing. 

Paul says to watch out for those who put so much stock in the outward appearance, “Knife-happy circumcisers”.  When it gets right down to it – no matter what it is you are about whether it is work or serving the Lord there is a certain amount of push or faith that has got to come from within… it’s an unexplainable drive for accomplishment.  It’s called passion.  Passion to live out that one thing that drives you to get out of bed in the morning.  For me, it is passion to serve God and to do what it is that pleases him.  My desire is that in all I do Jesus receives full recognition and credit for “my” accomplishments in life.  As Paul states in Romans 12:1, “this is your spiritual act of worship.”

Here I am at 42 years of age and I am still seeking God’s will for my life.  I can recall when I was 18 years old – I surrendered my life to Christ (at a KISS concert none-the-less) all the time back then I spent seeking God’s will.  Literally making myself sick thinking God’s will was out there somewhere.  Today I get up and I serve him at home, at work, and the church.  I serve him in loving my wife and raising my children.  Getting “out there” everyday is all about being in his will and living it out.

God is great and everything we have to offer Him needs to be in an act of worship.  Giving Him our best.  Giving him the recognition He so greatly deserves! We need to get out there and work and not worry about who sees us but just know that God does!

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