Out of a broken heart.

I’m so very tired tonight.  I’m literally worn out.  I got up this morning not feeling good and as the day has continued… my emotions are now running a bit thin.  Too many details as to why.  I was driving to a friends house to pick up something and just drove about 4-5 miles past my turn before I realized I had done that… I guess I needed the drive.

I’m being challenged with this question that keeps running through my head:  “Will our children have the faith?”  It seems like I had a book with that as the name while I was in college.  I never read it. But it is one that I have always held on to in order to read it someday.  I gave most of my books away recently…. so maybe I can borrow it back from Randy if he has it…  I may have it still in another box.  Who knows? Enough of that already.

I’m struggling with this… I’m struggling with the hypocrisy I see from time to time in “God’s Country”.  I heard about a friend today who renounced his Christian faith.  He now professes that he is an atheist.  I’m torn up over this.  Not really sure what to say.  He is someone that I pray for regularly.  Regularly just got turned up to daily.

I’m tired of mediocre Christianity.  I’m tired of the games so many people play.  Man, this life is not a game.  Our souls are not toys or pawns played out between God and Satan.  Our souls are alive and are destined to spend eternity with God.  But there is a choice that each human must make.  To trust Jesus or not.  We must quit playing games and take off our fake masks…. come on church we have got to get real!

Parents!  Listen… we have got to get real and be authentic with our lives.  Our children are watching… they need people they can look up to!  They need parents not just with good morals… they need parents who trust God and live by faith… living radical, experiential lives of faith… as I am reading McManus we need parents who will live the Barbarian Way!

God may I raise my children to have faith… a deep faith.  I pray that I can lead my children beyond a religion into a deep, meaningful, identified life with Christ.  God I ask for wisdom tonight.  Thanks!