Taking the next step

I got up early to pray today.  I’ve sat here praying through my thoughts and somewhat confusion over what my next step in life is.  The theme of my prayer has been: “Should  I stay or should I go?”  Not about one thing in particular… it’s all about change… moving forward.  On several fronts I am asking God about the future – what are the next steps?

I read Exodus 40:34-38 and concluded for now on all fronts to sit tight.  Israel didn’t move until the cloud lifted.  For me?  I need to sit tight until the vision is clear.  There has not been in specific direction given for me to take that next step.  So – I wait, ask for wisdom, and worship.

3 thoughts on “Taking the next step

  1. Sounds like a good plan…keep doing what you’re doing until God opens a door. You know you’re in God’s will, as long as you stay in close realtionship w/Him, worship Him, & He will direct your steps.

  2. I have not read the Barbarian Way, yet, but McManis said in another of his books that sometimes when the door is closed and there is no window God wants us to go through the wall. I am just not ever sure when it is appropriate to ignore an open door, break down a closed one, jimmy a locked window, or get out that good ol’ 16 pound sledge and go through that wall. But the last definitely sounds like a barbarian to me.

  3. Thanks for the reminder on this. Seems like when we heard him speak in Woodstock that he talked about that then. My problem is that I don’t see any of the above… but then again who knows maybe I’m standing so close to it that I just see the opening… at least that how it feels. Kind of exciting.

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