Stormy Weather

I love any kind of stormy weather that comes our way.  I always have for some reason.  No matter what the season.  I guess it’s the excitement of it… the change in weather… or something.  I tend to watch the Weather Channel a bunch too.  I have my house marked on the weather map so I can see just how bad it is going to be where I live.

Living in the South I’ve seen my share of turbulent weather.  When the weather starts to change drastically life kind of changes for a bit.  The senses are alerted and the milk and bread sells out.  Just a few weeks ago we had tornadoes.  And the alarms all over the county were sounding.  And right now as I type the weather is looking pretty severe. 

I know when things in my personal life seem turbulent and stormy I don’t really like those times as much.  I do put a lot of focus on my life during those times trying to answer the question “why?”.  The thing about it is there are normally some warnings that pop up prior to the storm – unfortunately I tend to ignore those early alarms.  And the really sad thing is that I tend to ignore the more serious alarms. 

I’m thankful to God for the storms I have had in my life.  I don’t brag about them… and I don’t long for more of them… but I do recognize His hand who has guided and led me through each storm to the other side.  God is so very faithful and full of mercy.

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