raising children

The greatest thing I could imagine would be for my children to grow up to intimately know Christ.  As teens and young adults I would love for them to know and hear God when He speaks to them.  There have been times in their young lives they have talked of the things of God and asked questions. 

If they grow up to be adults who are known as “good, church-going, people”- I’m not sure I would have succeeded.  My desire… my heart… and what I believe God desires is that we raise kids who will grow up to be passionate followers – living wrecklessly abandoned lives to Christ.  As a parent, I need to live my life in a way that sets the stage for this to happen.

We were sitting around the table last night over dinner.  Jacqueline was talking about the books she is reading.  Then Valerie mentioned, “I read my Bible this week.”  Much to my own disappointment I didn’t respond to it.  I didn’t say a word.  Then this morning I got up and walked back to her bedroom and both Valerie and Alexa were in their room reading their Bibles. Over breakfast again they talked about reading their Bibles until they fell asleep last night. 

I look at these two (10 and 9 year olds) and pray they continue to walk this way… that God will meet them and speak so they can recgonize His voice and respond in obedience – knowing and doing the will of God.


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