Face to Face

When it comes to destiny… the question is, “How will my time be spent until I see Him face to face?”

Deep in my heart a fire burns.  Cause I just can’t wait for Your return.  And when You call I’ll be finally free from me.  I’m holding on until the day I am going to see You.. face to face. “Face to Face” by Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart.



Every morning when I get to my office the first word I write down is the word “Destiny”.  Several weeks ago destiny caught my attention.  I started thinking about it… So, what does it mean?

I’ve consulted several dictionaries.  Webster sort of sums up all the dictionaries I have read: “That to which any person or thing is destined; predetermined state; condition foreordained by the Divine or by human will; fate; lot; doom.”

Every morning I start my day off reminded of God… reminded that God has a purpose for my life.  There is a plan… will it be His plan or my will?  Which will I follow?  My heart beats in order to please God.  I spend everday thinking, praying, reading, and talking about the things of God.  The very thing I was created for.

In this moment, I feel as though there is a fire within me that needs to be released.  A fire that cannot be contained by my skin.  Something that has been ignited by God’s Spirit for his purpose. 

God’s plan has not been lost but rather I’m being refined… purified into God’s destiny… his plan.  I’m still on a quest today to find out how this plan will ultimately unfold.  This is my frustration at times… yet I have hope and faith in God. 

My desire in life is to truly be a part of a movement.  McManus explains his plan for his church.  He states, “My goal is not to cast a vision that everyone buys into, but to create a visional community where everyone who enters in begins to have wild and God-sized dreams and visions.” (The Barbarian Way, 103).

That’s my prayer!

Did he get inside you?

My prayer time in the past couple of weeks has been going to a place I have not been to in some time. Maybe it is due to the lessons that were put together for our small groups… they have all been pertaining to prayer.  I also think it has a lot to do with dreams God desires to see lived out in my life and those around me. 

For some reason, God has seen fit to lead in this manner.  I look forward to seeing the dreams God is going to unleash as a result. I am blessed to see how God has been working in the lives of several people around me and am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be a part it.

“Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed? Did you take God into your mind only, or did you also embrace him with your heart? Did he get inside you?” Acts 19:2, The Message.

Paul’s questions of John’s disciples took them each to a deeper place that can only be found in Jesus.  They had a head knowledge as it pertains to life change but had not come to a place of heart knowledge… heart change… intimate fellowship. 

Once our hearts are changed by the power of God there is no limit to what God can do with us because of what He has done in us.   The dreams that He gives those who follow Him are limitless.  The only limits placed upon those dreams are those we impose. 

To be filled with the Spirit of God is to be filled with dreams and visions that are too compelling to ignore.  Live or die, succeed or fail, barbarians must pursue and attempt such dreams and visions.  The barbarian spirit dreams and finds the courage to live them… For the Spirit of God to unleash dreams and visions within our souls, we must become free to risk and to fail.  Every dream born of God is fueled by love. (Erwin McManus, The Barbarian Way. 100-101).