Are you ready?

If God were to speak to you right now would you be ready to listen?

Several years ago I was Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Aztec, NM.  I took a group of Juniors and Seniors from high school down to Wayland Baptist University in Texas to check out the college and to hear Third Day in concert.

One of the students at the college from Aztec was walking with me across the campus.  His name is Clint Staj.  He is now a part of a great ministry in Australia and has a band named Zuigia.  As we walked across the campus we talked about God speaking.  He told me how God would speak to him at the strangest moments.  So, not to miss a word of what God had to say he carried a little note pad in his pocket anticipating that next conversation with God.

I thought about that this morning as I was responding to an email from Kevin.  Kevin was on that trip.  Kevin was a part of that youth ministry and was a leader traveling with me on that trip.  Kevin has been a great friend and someone I have missed over the years.  He also worked with me at Harvest Church (now Soul Rio) in Albuquerque. 

God has taught me a lot through both of those two guys!  I’m thankful to God for the friendships He has given to me in Clint and Kevin. 

These two guys (in my mind) have always stood alone.  They have stood out from the crowd.  In the way I mentioned in May FOCUS: Determination.  To live as Christ is to live against the crowd.  It’s traveling a road many will not dare to travel.  Because that road is not safe.  It’s dangerous.  It’s lonely and away from family.  It’s for the sake of Christ the bringing together of His people for His purpose out of LOVE…

He brings His people together through those who will commit to stand alone. Are you ready?

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