So… what’s your “niche”?

Animals all have something that they do.  That’s how they are made.  Horses, pigs, cows, elephants, lions, tigers, and bears – oh my!  Look at each of these and you can easily see what their “niche” in life is.  You never see a pig trying to do the work of an elephant. 

But as humans we are different.  Each of us has the capability of trying new things in order to find out just what it is we like to do.  It’s interesting – we know what things in life grab our attention or where we find enjoyment.  That’s a choice we can make on our own.

But ultimate fulfillment is never found in doing those things.  Our fulfillment is only found in God.  Stanley Grenz in Theology for the Community of God quotes Augustine, 397 AD, “Our hearts are restless until they find rest in thee, O God.”  We are created to look for Something beyond what we experience here on this earth. 

We are continually on the move to something yet undefined.  That is to say, humans are never completely satisfied with the present.  We are always seeking the new, the “future,” the not-yet, that which surpasses the present.  We are continually shaping and reshaping our environment in an unfulfilled attempt to create a “home” for ourselves. (Grenz, 171).

Within the cosmos we are the restless creatures that look beyond the material universe for ultimate fulfillment.  We are designed to find our meaning and identity in relation to, and only in relation to God. (Grenz, 173).

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