Keeping it honest

There’s so many things in life where we have the opportunity to cheat.  Life has so many rules that we have to abide by.  Rules that are put into place by the government, our work places, schools, and God. 

It’s when we step outside of the boundary of those rules when we begin to live on the edge.  Do you know what I mean?  If you have any desire to do right you know what I’m talking about… it’s those things that make your hands and arm pits sweat.  Our bodies respond because we are afraid we are going to get caught.

Today, I was talking with my daughter – Jacqueline.  Everyone in the house could hear our conversation.  We were talking about using the cell phone… She made the comment, “It’s not like I was using my phone at school or anything.”  I said, “You were using your cell phone in school?”

“Oh nothing daddy,” she said.  I responded, “You were using your cell phone in school?”  Jacqueline said, “No.”  I asked again, “Are you sure?”

To settle the matter I said, “Let’s pray about this… right now.”  So I prayed, with her, “God, I ask You that you will help Jacqueline to tell the truth. In Jesus Name.”  Again, I asked, “Did you use your cell phone in school?”  She said, “Yes Daddy.”

Every time we are face to face with the reality of God the truth will always prevail.  It’s kind of sad to think about all the times we don’t do the honest thing… the right thing… the God-sized thing because for whatever reason we think cheating the truth is better (for the moment).

God will always find a way to show us the right way we are to live.  It’s always best to make the right decision the first time… it’s never pleasant to learn the hard way.

DISCLAIMER:  Jacqueline wants everyone to know this conversation really happened but was a Joke from her point of view.  She is NOT a liar…  

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