Growing like Peter

Following God will always be one of the greatest acts any person could ever do. Too often when one tries to follow God in obedience others ridicule and tear down… judge whether this or that is a “wise” thing or not. The sad part is that more often than not it comes from “brothers and/ … More Growing like Peter

American Solutions

Newt Gingrich has a web site called American Solutions.  I encourage you to go there read the information and sign the petition if you want our country to be energy independent.  Drill here.  Drill now.  Pay Less.  Sign the petition!  A real change campaign to lower your gas prices. According the web site 81% of … More American Solutions

“What say you?”

The Army Chaplain Corp post has got me thinking about a question I haven’t heard in a while. I worked at a church one time – When someone in our church decided they wanted to get involved and volunteer but were unsure as to where – one of the guys on staff would ask “If … More “What say you?”

Army Chaplain Corp

I know I have mentioned this before in military, prayer, chaplaincy… I would love to have been a Chaplain in the U.S. Army Chaplain Corp.  I still think about it… dream about it… and pray about it.  I still have time since the age limit has been moved to 47.  I can’t tell you how … More Army Chaplain Corp

Down on the farm

On several occasions I have alluded to where I live as the “Bishop Compound”.  If you are wondering what these cows are looking at… they are watching me work in the yard.  I guess they find me amusing. Living out here in the “country” has a lot that is extremely appealing.  It’s finally Friday and I … More Down on the farm