Face It – KANSAS

“Face It” by Kansas, 1982. How many times do I have to tell you That things just can’t go on this way We’ve tried so many times but things go on the same We’ve spent one too many years in all this pain And the light is shining in your eyes And still it makes … More Face It – KANSAS

June focus

At 1:30 this morning, I decided as a part of my focus for June I would read through the book of Mark.  It’s been too easy for me this past week to keep my eyes on me… the fear, anxiety, and worries that I face right now.  In light of my early morning blog, God … More June focus

Give it all away

Did you ever listen to Kansas?  I loved and still do love the music of Kansas.  As you can tell by listening to the lyrics mostly written by Kerry Livgren are searching for answers to the spiritual life.  If you are unaware, in the early 80’s the majority of the lyrics were Christ-centered as Livgren gave … More Give it all away