Chronicles of Narnia 2

I’m on vacation this week with the family… we are not really doing all that much – like going to the beach or anything.  I camped out in the back yard with Walker last night.  Some friends gave us their above ground swimming pool and I have been working on getting it up… I’m very sore right now.  Randy was a tremendous help – getting the sand!!

Today, we all went to the movies at Carmike in Cartersville.  My experience there was not pleasant.  I had to ask them 3 times to fix the movie.  We had sound but no video.  The third time I asked to speak to the manager… that was 20 minutes later.  No apologies… did I mention I paid for 3 adult tickets and 3 child tickets?  I guess that doesn’t matter… after all it’s not about customer service it’s all about making a buck!!

Outside of my experience with the theatre – Narnia was an incredible movie.  Go see the movie.  Despite my problems I had today… go see it here in Cartersville and save the gas money. 

I would love to hear your reaction(s) to the movie.

It’s amazing how many times “we” get impatient with God and go out on our own to “do His will.”  And have to learn things the hard way.  It’s all about keeping our eyes on Him even when He is silent.  I’m learning each day to get to know God for who He is – not for the things I need or want – Get to know Him and stay close.

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