Fortune Cookies and all sorts of other blessings.

I originally posted this on Trifilo’s Journey Group Blog on March 15, 2008.  I’ve been thinking about trust these past few days.  And thought about this too.


We ate Chinese tonight!! Lori said she would take me out to dinner on the tip money she made this week… she was ready to do anything just so she wouldn’t have to cook.Well, I ate the Almond Chicken… boy it was good!! I finished off my meal with a nice crunchy little “Fortune Cookie.” Yum! My fortune read, “A short stranger will soon enter your life with blessings to share.” Let me tell you – I am on the lookout for a short stranger.

I was reading Matthew 5:1-12 tonight. Before I’m reprimanded I know I’m off track with the days… sorry. While reading this moments ago, I was reminded of that fortune cookie. I thought about how many other things we put our trust in on a daily basis. A fortune cookie, fortune-tellers, stock market, wishing upon a star, the lottery, that rich relative’s leftovers that we are banking on… the list goes on.

Too often we get our hopes on so many things that we forget the real hope we have to live for. In these 12 verses alone we are blessed with:

  • the kingdom of heaven
  • comfort
  • inheritance of the earth
  • filled with righteousness
  • shown mercy
  • we will see God
  • be called the sons of God

Living is all about having the right priorities. God, spouse, children… Blessed are we when we live as Jesus would have us live.



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