Making the most of…

… every opportunity.

Sunday morning at The Church At Woodland, we had a time of worship which included the Lord’s Supper.  I like the way the Lord’s Supper was administered.

We were encouraged to partake as we felt led during the service.  My son, Walker, was sitting next to me.  And just like with a lot of things he had many questions.  This was a great opportunity for me to talk with him about what we were doing and why during the “music” portion of worship. 

I explained to him the purpose behind the bread and the wine (grape juice).  After I explained it to him he watched me eat and drink.  After I drank the juice he asked, “Was that gross?”  🙂 I had to go back and explain what I was drinking was not really Jesus’ blood and that the juice represents the blood he shed for us.

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