Down on the farm

On several occasions I have alluded to where I live as the “Bishop Compound”.  If you are wondering what these cows are looking at… they are watching me work in the yard.  I guess they find me amusing.

Living out here in the “country” has a lot that is extremely appealing.  It’s finally Friday and I look forward to tomorrow morning out on the front porch.  I will be looking at the corn field and hopefully a few deer, rabbits, and squirrels. 

Well, this evening was not as pleasant.  It’s hot!  It’s dry and we need rain!! 

I thoroughly enjoy driving my Jeep Grand Cherokee.  But today – I wish I had a Ford F-150 4X4 full cab truck! 

Where I live I don’t have garbage pick up.  That means I have to go to the dump.  And today it was in my Jeep.  I haven’t been to the dump in a long time.  The trash that’s actually in the garbage can has been there for a long time.  WAY TOO LONG!!!  I put my two cans in the back of the Jeep and down the road I went with the most horrible smell on the planet.  Did I mention that half of my windows do not roll down and the Air-Conditioner doesn’t work?

I made it back home without puking.  I went to clean out the cans.  I removed the tops and the smell that was in there was so bad… you guessed it – let the puking begin!


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