Perspective from the porch

I enjoy my time I spend on Saturday mornings so much.  It’s been a great morning on the front porch.  I have seen my friendly little rabbit and a truck load of squirrel’s!  No deer today – how sad!  I have a squirrel fussing at me right now… it’s starting to get on my nerves… Lori just came outside and scared it off.

There is so much I have learned and/or gained over the course of the past week.  I’ve decided each Saturday morning I will begin recapping those things each week in “Perspective from the porch.”

After looking over the past week there are several things that I have stood out to me:

  1. My life is filled with great pleasing things to God.  It is also smudged with the history of sin.  Yet, God has chosen to call me to be one of His… for His glory.
  2. Life is not about me.  My FOCUS is to be on God. 
  3. Pray for my friends.  “When Job prayed for his friends…”
  4. I have great friends!!
  5. God seeks out those who belong to Him to give them strength. 2 Chronicles 16:9.
  6. Don’t let the trash pile up!  Guess I will be heading back to the dump today.

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