Perspective from the porch

The view from the porch today has been great!  I was greeted this morning by one of the deer that I like to watch.  It’s been very relaxing…

…and frustrating time this morning.  Frustrating as I have looked back over this past week.  I’m very tired.  In need of some good quiet time.

I’m at a place where I need to stay more focused on God than ever.  I realize during this very tiring time in life I need to look to Him.  I need to look to God for His provision, help, and counsel.  I need to resist the temptation to look for help from sources other than God.   

Since Wednesday, my focus in the Scripture has been on 2 Chronicles 14 – 16.  These are some strong chapters looking at the life of King Asa. 

It’s been hard to mine the nuggets from this week.  For several years now I have been desiring a time to get away by myself… in the mountains, on the beach, at a conference.  Some place… any place… just so I can think… be still… be refreshed… and take some time to vision cast for my life.  I need a plan.  God’s still small voice is hard to hear right now with all the extra noise.

  1. It’s real easy to let yourself get run down. 
  2. Take moments to be still and quiet. 
  3. I need vision… Without a vision God’s people perish.
  4. Look to God only.

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