How does God feel?

Parenting has got to be one of the hardest jobs on the planet.  Parenting has got to be one of the most joyful experiences on the planet.  At times it is a fine line between being the hardest and the most joyful experience.  It’s a job I’ve never regretted for one second.  I love my children with everything I am.  I know it’s tough at times for them to see it everyday especially since we don’t live on the same street anymore.  Although they don’t have the pleasure of seeing my love for them – they are loved – more than they can physically see and experience on a daily basis.

I was listening to a song by everybodyduck a few days ago. (Yes, the name of the band is all one big word! If you aren’t familiar with everybodyduck they are very good… Darin McWatters is a great lyricist). The feelings I am having today made me think of this song by everybodyduck entitled “8”.  The song talks about a boy at his own party and how lonely he feels… the song ends with the picture of God and all he gives and provides for us just to have us ignore him… thus his feelings of loneliness.

I wonder… how does God feel?

I had a situation with one of my children.  In my opinion it has been one of the first really trying situations I’ve had to face.  At the same time I look at this and realize they are growing up… and as a parent I must grow up.  I think I handled it pretty good… with much love, understanding, and grace.  I know I am limited when it comes to knowing all things.  I do the best I can.  I really respect, admire, cherish, love, trust, and desire to give my children all that I can give.  But do they really know how I feel about them?  After-all they don’t see me everyday.  Even when I have to administer some correction it’s not face to face… it’s over the phone.  So they don’t really get to see my heart – written all over my face.

As I’ve thought about this situation, I’ve thought about how God deals with me.  I don’t see Him.  I hear him but not audibly.  I experience Him but I don’t feel Him.  He gives me direction yet I don’t see Him point the way.  He corrects me and I experience the correction.  He provides for me and my family yet do I thank Him?  He’s there but do I take Him for granted?  I know He loves me!  How do I return the love?

How does God feel?

If you are unfamiliar with “8” these are the words of Darin McWatters as recorded by everybodyduck, 1998:

Today’s the 8th anniversary of the day I was born
I’ve been alive exactly eight years today
My name is Joey and I can’t seem to find an excuse
Not to have a wild, raging party for my birthday

So I invited all my friends to come and started making plans
For the greatest party 3rd grade’s ever seen
All my closest friends and I would go to Skippy’s Pizza-Rama
They’ve got skeeball and these dancing chimpanzees
Every person in attendance would have candy all his own
And more pizza that an army could consume

I paid everyone’s admission and I thought my heart could burst
With excitement as we walked into the room

As I turned to see the joy on all the faces of my friends
I was shocked to see an empty space where they had all just been

I’m so alone and it’s by birthday
All by myself, what is the deal
I’m the only person sitting at a table set for 12
And I just can’t help but think that this could be
How God must feel

My best friend Andy’s sharing pizza that I bought with some dumb girl
And Steven Dobbs is playing air hockey with Jake
Kevin’s paying Jr. Higher’s with my tokens for his life
And I think Jeff is selling slices of my cake

Everywhere I look I see those who should be looking at me
It’s my birthday, after all, but they don’t care
I put so much into making this a party they would like
A guess I thought they’d have gratitude to spare
As I turned…

I’m so alone and I’m their savior
All by myself , what is the deal
I’m the only one who saved them from the sins that held them down
And I just can’t help but think that they don’t care
How I might feel

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