Greater love…

I’m overjoyed… I’m over taken with His love tonight.  This love God has for me… for you… for them.  The love he has to give leads us to respond, “Here am I. Send me!”  To respond to His love any other way would be to deny Him.  I am thankful God has seen fit to love me and that He has chosen me for Himself. 

When you close your eyes and pray, who do you see?  Do you see faces of people he draws your mind to?  My heart is drawn to the men and women serving our country.  I know what I think this means.  I’ve got a few things yet to see Him move. 

I had a moment yesterday much like the moment I had this past Saturday while at a get together.  I sort of just wandered away from the moment to pray.  As I prayed, my mind saw those serving our country overseas.  As I stared at an empty ballfield yesterday and a swimming pool with children playing Saturday – I wondered as to what they (the soldiers) were looking at.  I’m overtaken with this love for them. 

My thoughts have been on those who have gone – and been wounded in battle.  There are hospitals with those who have been wounded in combat in need of God’s love for healing: physically, spiritually and emotionally.  There are others who’ve never seen the hospital – yet they are wounded in heart… emotion… and mind.  There is a great need here. I can’t even begin to imagine.  John 15:13 comes to mind:

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.