I just want to “be”

God, you are amazing!. I am so thrilled that You love me. I know sometimes I get so caught up in my desire to “do” but today – I just want to “be.” I like the wording of Oswald Chambers today, “The only thing that exceeds right-doing is right-being.” If I could I would be somewhere without all the distractions life brings and just sit in Your presence – being. Lord, I know one day I will meet You face to face… it’s on that day that the ultimate state of being will be… for eternity.

“Sometimes it’s hard to see. Sometimes it’s hard to get through to me. But, I want to do all that You ask me to. Help me to follow through. Make everyday a devotion to you. ‘Cause it’s dust to dust until we learn how to trust…”

…I’m putting Your armor on. I’m finding myself so suddenly drawn. Like a moth to a flame whenever I hear Your Name… Keith Green, “Dust to Dust”.

“If you are My disciple, you must be right not only in your actions, but also in your motives, your aspirations, and in the deep recesses of the thoughts of your mind.” Oswald Chambers, Utmost for His Highest, July 24. See Matthew 5:20.

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