What a difference a year makes!

It’s been a week or so since I have spent anytime on the blog. I’ve spent the last week focusing more on my personal journal. I’m always a bit more motivated when I get a new one.

Each year when my children have a birthday I try to write something in it that pertains to them… wishing them a happy birthday… thanking God for them… and praying for them. The other thing I do is to go back and read what I wrote about my children the previous year.

Valerie’s birthday was on July 31. As I read, what I wrote a year ago, I realized just how much life has changed for us as a family.

God is good.

I struggle day in and day out with keeping my focus. It’s such a battle. I battle with focusing on God vs. focusing on what God wants me to do (discovering what I should be doing for God). Sometimes I get lost in this struggle. At times, the lostness gets to the point where I seek the plan more than I seek God. This should never happen.

The love relationship I have with the Lord should never take the backseat to my desire(s) to find “His will”. Out of our relationship all of life happens. No matter what happens my focus of God should never fade away… no matter what comes down the road.

Like I said, “God is good.” What a difference a year makes! I’m thankful for the years of my life I have recorded in written form within the many binders of my journal. I began this practice in 1990. It helps me to go back and recall where God has been at work. And well… one day my kids will know more about their Dad and his desire to please his Heavenly Father.

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