Lost for words


That’s where I want to be.  I want to be in the Lord’s presence and get lost in Him. 

It’s in the mid to upper 90’s here.  My air conditioner in my Jeep still doesn’t work.  So where did I spend my lunch hour?  I spent it in the park today.  I know this is gross to some of you but I was soaking with sweat when I went back to my office.  I didn’t do anything at the park.  I just sat and asked the Lord to sit with me.  To surround me with Himself. 

I love getting away by myself.  I think I enjoy that more than anything else I do.  Well, I may be alone but I’m never really alone.  He is always there with me. 


He is and always will be… God.  The Creator of heaven and earth… the Creator of you and me – He will always be.  I love to be with Him.  Being.

It’s in moments like these it’s good to be at a loss for words.  I’m sure He never tires of hearing us talk to Him.  But I bet He loves it when we stop, sit, and be quiet – allowing Him to be there with us just being.

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