New meaning to playing possum pt 2

March 11, 2008, I wrote part one of this on-going saga!  Little did I know it was going to be on-going.  I never would have thought of writing part two unless Lori hadn’t asked what I was going to call my next blog based on the events of this evening.

Let me set this up for you.  I’m laying in the living room glued to the Olympics.  The swimming events just started when I heard Lori call me.  I know most of her calls… the one I fear most is the one that means, “You’re in trouble!”  Tonights call, “Roye!” had the sound, “There’s a problem!”

The one thing I can’t stand is that when there is a problem she has to set the stage before she communicates to me what the problem is.  Since I know there is a problem… just give it to me already!

Maybe you’re tired of me setting this up for you too.  The problem was a baby possum in the laundry room.  She told me it was a baby… about 4 inches long.  Her estimation was a little off… she needs glasses.  It was the size of her cat.  No wonder why the cat was always out of food!  The kids left the back door open several days ago… I guess that’s when our house guest decided to check in.

I can deal with the critters living outside… I DON’T share the house with them! 

We no longer have our house guest!  It’s laying in the backyard now… maybe one of the other larger critters that lives outside will carry it off for me.

DV… there are no warm and fuzzies here.  Just a bit of frustration.

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