McCain and Obama on faith and values

On Saturday, August 16, Rick Warren will be hosting a forum where McCain and Obama will have the opportunity to speak on “faith and values”.

Whispering Secrets

Have you ever had a secret? 

 If so, who did you tell it to?

My kids always want me to tell them a secret… if it’s a birthday or Christmas time they want to know what brother or sister is getting… and they always say, “I can keep a secret!”

Who do you tell your secrets to?

Typically when I tell a secret to one of my kids I get real close to their ear, cup my hand to their ear, and let them in on the secret.

I know I only tell those who are closest to me things I would not want someone else to know.  I’m pretty picky about who I tell my secrets.  It’s hard to trust at times what someone may do with your secret.

I was talking to my friend James today.  In the midst of our conversation, these two words came out together in the same sentence, “whispering secrets”.  I was captivated by those two words put together.  I wrote them down immediately.  In that split second, I could see myself talking to God… I know that sounds strange but the picture came to my mind of me sitting in His lap “whispering secrets”. 

All afternoon this has been playing through my mind.  God wants us to tell Him our secrets.  From time to time, we all have little things tucked away inside we hide from everyone else.  Yet He tells us, “I can keep a secret.” 

Who are you telling your secrets to?  Let God in on the secret… it just may be that He has a secret for you.

The voice of the Spirit of God is as gentle as a summer breeze— so gentle that unless you are living in complete fellowship and oneness with God, you will never hear it. The sense of warning and restraint that the Spirit gives comes to us in the most amazingly gentle ways. And if you are not sensitive enough to detect His voice, you will quench it, and your spiritual life will be impaired. This sense of restraint will always come as a “still small voice” ( 1 Kings 19:12  ), so faint that no one except a saint of God will notice it. (Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, August 13).

Make it a priority in life to let God in on your secrets… and just as much be ready to hear the voice of God whisper a secret of His own.

Depending on God’s love

18-19 Watch this: God’s eye is on those who respect him,
      the ones who are looking for his love.
   He’s ready to come to their rescue in bad times;
      in lean times he keeps body and soul together.

 20-22 We’re depending on God;
      he’s everything we need.
   What’s more, our hearts brim with joy
      since we’ve taken for our own his holy name.
   Love us, God, with all you’ve got—
      that’s what we’re depending on. (Psalm 33:18-22, The Message).