Zuigia in the Land Down Under

Look up “zuigia” in the dictionary.

I didn’t find it either.

Clint Staj came up with the word Zuigia for a song before it became a band name.  Zuigia is a place where nobody is judged by appearances and everyone can experience God’s love and grace… sounds just like heaven. (But there’s already a song by that title).

Today Staj and family are still in Australia some 4 years after moving there.  In recent correspondence with Staj he stated, “I just had an incredible tour up north, performing 12 times in 3 days, to thousands of high schoolers.  For most of them it was the first time they’ve EVER heard the Gospel.”

Staj went on to say. “Recently I performed in several high schools on the coast and the local youth groups put on an outreach concert on the Friday night.  But instead of the expected 50 teenagers showing up, there were 300.  After the concert, they gave an invitation and 15 of them accepted Christ, were given Bibles, and plugged into small churches to be discipled.”

Zuigia has a website with a little more information about the band and ministry.  There is a fish on the website that needs to be fed from time to time as well.  Stop by – gather some information and feed the fish.

I know Staj and family would love your prayer support and any other support you may be able to give.  They answered the call, “Here am I, send me!”

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