I’ve got a headache

What a week this has been. 

I have had a headache for way over a week now. I’m thinking sinus… blood pressure messing up again.  But the blood pressure is still under control so it’s not that… not sure what’s behind this nasty feeling in my head.  

Finally on Wednesday of this week it got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.  I left work and got in the bed.  I missed a ministry meeting I was wanting to attend and I missed a class I thoroughly enjoy that Wednesday night.  I also missed out on some things at work… that stresses me to miss things at work!!  So missing work is not helping my headache – a Catch 22.

I went to the doctor yesterday and I got a shot for a migraine.  I was also given these little pills to take… these little pills pack a punch!!  I woke up at 11:35 or so this morning… Thanks Jason for the wake up call!  No sarcasm at all… we had a scheduled meeting over the phone and a great talk!  I’m excited about what God is doing in Jason’s life!!

My head still hurts.  I’m still in the bed.  I woke up several times throughout the night.  My sleep was not restless… it was very relaxing… I just woke up a bunch.  Logan kept running through my mind… Dana Kept running through my mind.  People and families I’ve been praying for… 

I guess I’ll go back to bed now.

God, there are so many different people I know with so many different things going on in their lives – Lord, protect, heal, and comfort them… give vision and direction… may Your blessings overflow into their lives.  Thank you so much for those whose lives are engaged in Your call!

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