Lori… a tribute

It’s funny how Lori can do or say something that ends up within the pages of my blog.  Even what you are reading now is the result of a conversation we had just an hour ago.

As far as blogs written, my personal favorite is Spilled Coffee

Lori doesn’t seem to appreciate the fine things God tends to use around her life to teach me…   I just don’t get it. 

There are a couple of stories in the “draft” file that have yet to be published… I look forward to the completion of those as well.  I’m sure Lori does too.

Lori goes on to say that her best friend Tonya writes more about her than I do.  I told Lori she made the Who Am I page on my blog.  For some reason I don’t think she was impressed.

Her reply with much sarcasm, “Yea, wife!” 

I told Lori that she should be proud of that… after-all, that is what Noah’s wife got in the Bible.  That’s some pretty good company if you ask me.

Dare I walk out onto an emotional limb?  Here goes… Lori is a great wife, mom, person, friend, child of God, warrior… did I say great wife? 

It’s hard to believe we only met less than a year ago… did I mention we have only been married for almost 11 months? 

Do you know how long we dated? 

There – Lori can now read her name mentioned 10 times not including the title all in one blog. With multiple options for further reading.  I hope you have enjoyed this as much as Lori will – once she reads it.

There you have it…

A Tribute to Lori!

4 thoughts on “Lori… a tribute

  1. The funny thing about your comment is I almost referenced “Iron Maiden” as another comparison… she read your comment and cracked up… no real comments from her about what I wrote.

  2. I guess she is not a torture chamber. But then again, I am one of those freaks that likes to “hurt so good”. There is nothing sweeter than the love of a woman. And nothing harder on the soul!

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