No More Speculation!!

All of the speculation is over.  The sides have been chosen…

                                                    The Republican’s John McCain and Sarah Palin

The Democrat’s Barack Obama and Joe Biden

For just over the next two months we will be bombarded with ads and headlines that shout loud the up and coming election on November 4. 

So make your choice: Get involved or hide from it all – if you can.  I hope as an American you will get involved.

No matter which side you find yourself on – there are probably a lot of things that have led you to the left or to the right. 

If you are in the middle of indifference, I encourage you to get informed and get involved.

We all have a responsibility handed down to us from our forefathers and all of those who have fought to keep the United States of America free… freedom does come with a responsibility… and I want to keep my freedom.

Paul writes in Romans 13:1-3,

Be a good citizen. All governments are under God. Insofar as there is peace and order, it’s God’s order. So live responsibly as a citizen. If you’re irresponsible to the state, then you’re irresponsible with God, and God will hold you responsible. Duly constituted authorities are only a threat if you’re trying to get by with something. Decent citizens should have nothing to fear.

 Do you want to be on good terms with the government? Be a responsible citizen and you’ll get on just fine, the government working to your advantage. But if you’re breaking the rules right and left, watch out. The police aren’t there just to be admired in their uniforms. God also has an interest in keeping order, and he uses them to do it. That’s why you must live responsibly—not just to avoid punishment but also because it’s the right way to live. (The Message).

Furthermore we need to pray for our leaders and have a responsibility to do so.

Listen to the words of King David as he reflects over his time as King of Israel,

 These are David’s last words:
   …The God of Israel spoke to me,
      Israel’s Rock-Mountain said,
   “Whoever governs fairly and well,
      who rules in the Fear-of-God,
   Is like first light at daybreak
      without a cloud in the sky,
   Like green grass carpeting earth,
      glistening under fresh rain.” (2 Samuel 23:1-4, The Message).

Pray for our leaders… pray for those who aspire to be our leaders.

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