The Far-Reaching Rivers of Life (Part 1)

I read “The Far Reaching Rivers of Life” by Oswald Chambers in My Utmost for His Highest on Saturday. I have kept this thought about “the Source” in my mind each day since reading this. I hope this thought stays with me for a long time and becomes a part of my life.

On Saturday, my family went on a picnic to a nearby park. While sitting there I looked at the creek as it flowed by. I was reminded of what I read just a few hours before.

As I sat there, I began to wonder about the source of this creek. Where does it start? What does the creek have to go through to get to where I am? I continued to look at all the rocks that sit in the creek and how the water pushes around each one. The source is strong… The source is strong enough to press on by each obstacle.

I’ve seen this same creek during a time of heavy rain. It floods tremendously. I can recall the many times I’ve seen the water outside of the banks. It’s as if the source is pouring out so much water that the banks can’t contain it all. It’s as if the obstacles are not even there.

God is much the same way. When we surrender our lives to Him as the Source – the Holy Spirit’s power to overflow is strong. All obstacles no longer matter.

A river is victoriously persistent, overcoming all barriers. For a while it goes steadily on its course, but then comes to an obstacle. And for awhile it is blocked, yet it soon makes a pathway around the obstacle. Or a river will drop out of sight for miles, only later to emerge again even broader and greater than ever. (Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, September 6).


I can fight the Source or I can surrender to Him. Through surrender He will flow naturally without a burden. All obstacles in my life will not be burdensome to the strength of the flow.

Sometimes I feel like I’m fighting the current as I walk through life.

I can recall white water rafting some years ago. There were times our guide told us to lift up the oars and let the water do the work. For me it was a scary moment to watch our raft head into the turbulent water. But the guide was right… the water did the work and we got through the rough waters in total surrender.

It was a scary moment as I looked at what was up ahead. Had I been on the bank and seen what was there I would not have jumped in to go with the current. In this case, I got in the raft way up the river. I was in the midst of the flow and there was no getting out. I had to go with it. I didn’t like the feeling of fear I had as we approached the rapids. But the exhilarating feeling that came once we were through them was fantastic.

Today, I have fear. I have gotten out of the raft… out of the water. I’m on the shore watching the water rush by. I have fear of getting back in. I recall the hurt and pain of being in the water… the fear I never overcame. I know I belong in the water. My Pastor has personally encouraged me countless times. He even told me (as he did everyone there) through his message on Sunday, “I believe in you!” Yet, I hold onto this fear while standing on the bank of the river.

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