The Far-Reaching Rivers of Life (Part 2)

The fear of getting back in the water is stronger than I want to admit. (I guess I just admitted it).  I’m not even sure anymore what “getting back in the water” really means. This is only compounded by my fear.

I look around and see dear friends (coast to coast) give their lives to the Source. It’s so easy to see them flow with the River. It’s beautiful to watch and I celebrate in their victory. I’ve seen the Source move obstacles out of the way. For some, the obstacles now are nothing more than a rock sticking up out of the water. A memorial of celebration to the victory won. A rock for others to stand on and to admire the River as it flows by effortlessly.

Do you see God using the lives of others, but an obstacle has come into your life and you do not seem to be of any use to God? Then keep paying attention to the Source, and God will either take you around the obstacle or remove it. The river of the Spirit of God overcomes all obstacles. Never focus your eyes on the obstacle or the difficulty. The obstacle will be a matter of total indifference to the river that will flow steadily through you if you will simply remember to stay focused on the Source.  (Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, September 6).

I know there is a purpose for what I experience. I have opportunities up ahead in my life I have not seen yet. I must look at my fear and say, “No more!” I must get into the rhythm of the Source. Pick up my oars and let the current take me.

There are others who will be able to stand upon the rocks in my life and find comfort. It is a comfort that can only come from the Source.

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