The Far-Reaching Rivers of Life (Part 3)

I know with great persistence and commitment to the Source I will overcome the obstacles that lay in my life. Persistence and commitment are a means to overcoming. They are fundamental characteristics I must maintain in my life.

A river is victoriously persistent, overcoming all barriers. For a while it goes steadily on its course, but then comes to an obstacle. And for a while it is blocked, yet it soon makes a pathway around the obstacle. Or a river will drop out of sight for miles, only later to emerge again even broader and greater than ever.

I must not give up. The drive to succeed must be greater than a superficial writing on the internet or a jot in my journal. I must board the raft and let the River flow within me. Allow the River to overflow the banks and spill out onto anyone in need.

The past is a great memory and testimony to God’s work in my life. I’m thankful for my experiences. I never want to get hung up on things in my past (positive and negative) to the point where I neglect the present and the future.  I always want God to have the freedom to move in me however He may wish in the days and years ahead.

Even though it seems like my life has dropped out of sight, my prayer is that once I emerge again I will be broader, greater, and deeper than ever. As a result, I know I will reap great benefits. But if the result is great benefits to be used up on me… then the river will dry up. I must allow others to drink from the river of life that flows through me. I must enjoy others standing upon the rocks in my life so they too may find comfort and strength that will last a life time.

One thought on “The Far-Reaching Rivers of Life (Part 3)

  1. I have been waiting on these words. I did not know they would come with such eloquence. But this is so powerful – people standing on your rocks. Man Roye you really have the ability to allow people to stand on some great rocks. I look forward to you getting the fear out and enjoying this “Source”. You will be powerful in days to come and you should be flowing with a wisdom that so many need. Make sure you are able to state things in priciple form and lead them into the same Source. I love you man and I loved reading this stuff. I still believe, still more than you.

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