Sleepy Saturday, Gas Prices, and Thoughts on Personal Growth

Today is one of those sleepy-lazy days… I don’t feel like doing anything.  Gas prices are keeping me at home.  I left my Jeep at work yesterday because it was out of gas.  Gas stations were marking off pumps (saying they were out of gas… I kind of doubt it… I expect those to reopen once the others are out with much higher gas prices!!) If it gets as bad as the media hype!

I just went to my office and picked up the Jeep and found a Chevron station near my house with gas for 3.99/gallon (they are practically giving it away) with no limits on number of gallons allowed to purchase.  $85 dollars later my Jeep is full and parked!!

I am looking forward to October 9 and 10.  In fact, I can’t wait for these two days.  I will be attending the Catalyst Conference 2008 in Atlanta.  I have been hoping for an opportunity to get a way for something like this. God is good!

I want to grow.  I’m just not sure where to focus on my personal growth.  I know that all areas of my life are in need of challenge.  I know at the conference I will be challenged in all of these areas: (Spiritual, leadership, finances, and relationships). 

I’m reading Developing the Leader Within by John Maxwell this weekend.  This is the first book of many I have purchased by Maxwell.  Yet, it is the only one I haven’t read… I think I bought it in 1999.  It’s weird how at times I will buy a book and try to start reading it but for whatever reason it just doesn’t click.  I started on it this morning and the gears were engaged. 

As I read, I am reminded of successes and not so good experiences in leadership through the years.  It is really engaging my thoughts as it pertains to my work today and those I have the pleasure of trying to lead through my job.  It also is helping me think a bit more about my manager and things I can do to help myself maximize my time I get with him one-on-one each week. 

Leadership is Influence. That’s it.  Nothing more; nothing less.  My favorite leadership proverb is:  He who thinketh he can leadeth and hath no one following him is only taking a walk. (John Maxwell, Developing the Leader Within You. Pg. 1).

Another way I desire to grow is by being coached by my good friend Jason through Ministry Coaching International.  I’m not sure when I will be able to get this going… but it is something I do want to pursue.  If you are looking for a way to grow I encourage you to check out Ministry Coaching International.

What are you doing to grow?  What are you reading?  Who are you meeting with?  In what areas do you see the need for growth?

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