Cast all my cares…

…upon You!

Ever tried to lay down a burden?  Have you ever tried to let something go that was totally tormenting your every thought? 

Monday night this week I went to bed relatively early (before Greta van Susteran was done talking about Tood Palin).  But I was up at 12:55 AM not to return to sleep until 4:30 AM.  During the time I was awake I was trying to pray through this thing… I was trying to lay down my burden.  I finally fell asleep still holding onto a burden I wanted to let go of.

So, what does one do? 

How do you let go of something that you really want to let go of?

I don’t have any answers here.

But an hour or so later I woke up again.  The following is what was running through my mind… through my heart… and has stayed present on my mind the past two days.  These are the words of Darrin McWatters from everybodyduck.  The song:  “Consuming Fear”.

I'm gonna trust in the Lord
I'm gonna trust in the Lord
I'll not be afraid I'll not be afraid I'll not be afraid anymore

I cast all my cares upon You
And anytime I don't know just what to do
I will cast all my cares upon You 

I cast all my cares upon You

3 thoughts on “Cast all my cares…

  1. I felt useless as a friend when you shared this struggle Wed. morning. I wanted to say something that would help, but it all sounded so trite in my head, so I did not say anything. As I left, that useless feeling continued and grew to an overwhelming sorrow in my soul.

    So I prayed on the drive home, and felt useless still, prayed, sorrow filling me, prayed, walked in the door. Wanda saw it on my face, agony, we prayed together. Still, no end to all of those feelings and more, prayed, prayed, (tried to send an encouraging mesage) prayed, until you called. (oh, what a relief).

    To tell the truth it still sounds trite and oversimplified, but it was all I could do, there was nothing else, nothing, nothing. Is that what it means? I am not sure.

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