Catalyst Day 1

These are quotes I have walked away with today:

Jim Collins:

“Not all time in life is equal.”

“The difference between good and great is discipline. In greatness you’ll find a culture of discipline.”

Steven Furtik:

“Stay faithful and pure and God will use you to reach people for Christ.”

Furtik was phenomenal!

My take away from Furtik’s talk was that God gives the vision – God takes us through a process until “there is nothing there.” Once we have walked through this process God leads us to the payoff of the vision.

For me, God is reminding me of the vision… God’s hand on my life.

2 thoughts on “Catalyst Day 1

  1. Tim Sander’s was unbelievable! I have cried and cried some more at this conference! God is speaking to me unlike any conference I have been to.

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