Obedience: an act of love

The following are some words I wrote down in my journal during Worship at Catalyst Day 2 – October 10, 2008:

God, You are beautiful.  I am limited with my words.  I do not know how to truly express my love I have for You.  I can’t find the words.  The only way I can truly express myself to you would be through a life of obedience.  Yes – obedience – this is the word… the action… to express my love for You.

In this moment, I recall the words of My Utmost for His Highest this morning:

Even the smallest bit of obedience opens heaven, and the deepest truths of God immediately become yours.  Yet God will never reveal more truth about Himself to you, until you have obeyed what you know already. (Oswald Chambers, October 10).

One thought on “Obedience: an act of love

  1. Hey Roye, I wondered what things you were writing in that notebook of yours…thanks for sharing your thoughts…what an encouraging note by O.C. “the smallest bit of obedience opens heaven…” Wow… we get so lost in the here and now that we often miss the supernatural taking place in the simple things of our lives. -spoken from a lover of the complicated…Lord open our spiritual eyes!

    Oh and thanks for praying for my headache and for the Tylenol!

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