“…The Messiah is Absolutely Speaking”

I was going to stay away from Political things here at Focus for awhile.  But – I just found an article on WorldNet Daily that I could not resist bringing to your attention. 

These are the words of Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakahn, on Barack Obama, February 28.

You are the instruments that God is going to use to bring about universal change, and that is why Barack has captured the youth.  And he has involved young people in a political process that they didn’t care anything about.  That’s a sign.  When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking.

We are living in very challenging times right now.  People are looking for answers on the economy and world peace.  Every time I hear Obama speak – I do not hear any answers.  I do hear a man who is very good at speaking… he is slick and polished without any substance.  When he speaks I don’t hear the Messiah… I hear an empty suit.  I’m not thrilled with McCain right now either.  He needs to step it up in my opinion.  I also believe that non of us need to sit back and ignore what is going on… no matter how bad this election season disgusts all of us!

As for the youth vote, I have talked to of a couple of parents lately who have children of voting age who are voting for the first time.  Their children have come to them with questions about this election.  They have each challenged their children to educate themselves on the candidates to determine for themselves which candidate “most likely” supports their ideas, opinions, and values.  From what I have heard – these young people decided for themselves to choose someone who is NOT being proclaimed as the “Messiah”.

Obviously, I am supporting McCain.  No, I don’t agree with everything about McCain.  The most recent thing is this Bailout vote.  (The markets lost 18% of its value this week.)  In addition to Obama’s policies, I’m very nervous about Obama’s radical affiliations.  There are too many to ignore.  As a Christian, I have attended many churches searching for a place where I can serve.  I listen and ask questions about the beliefs and values of those in leadership.  Obama sat under Rev. Wright for 20 years and not once heard those kinds of comments from him?!  I find it hard to believe.  Look for yourself into this guys life he has a trail of questionable associations… poor judgments… I don’t want that kind of person as my leader.

In the next clip, anyone can mess up when speaking (I know that I’ve done it) but this one is pretty hard to stomach when so much of his life is in question.

What I am asking of those in leadership is to be honest with me… honest with all of us.  Quit spouting off half-truths and quit being liars.  Both sides.  Shoot straight.  Tell us what you really believe and stand for on all of it.  That’s what “grass roots” America really wants… but is “grass roots” America really what you are fighting for?

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