Rock and Roll Stops the Traffic…

…at Keller Williams in Cartersville.

I had the pleasure of meeting many of the fine Real Estate Agents at Keller Williams Realty NorthwestDean and Amy Cochran are agents I have had the great pleasure of working with out of this office in the past.  I don’t know another husband and wife team that works harder for their clients.

Even Adam is the band that stopped the traffic just off of Tennessee Street.

Even Adam have been playing together for a little over a year now.  Their first concert was played at the Church at Woodland opening up for Casting Pearls now known as Vota.  Even Adam has done ministry as well with Oakleaf Church, Paulding County YDC, and other local churches.  Even Adam is always excited to play for the building up of the body of Christ.  I will have a video of them up soon so check back to see and hear the sound.

More photos from today…















3 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Stops the Traffic…

  1. okay…maybe Simple Stills should have taken the shot of Joel…he looks like he’s got some sort of sinus trouble goin’ on! What in the world is coming out of his nose?????

    –i know it’s the mic cable/stand…but man…it looks CRAZY!

    I’m an EVEN ADAM fan!

  2. Yea… maybe Simple Stills SHOULD have been there!!! Simple Stills and AWIP missed out by not being there on Saturday. I know… I know… you guys had a lot going on around TCAW.

    The photo was taken with my camera… but not by me. My friend took that one. I take several photos that happened to be very good. The VOX photo is one of the best shots and maybe I will post it later on.

    I shot the video for that hour.

    Sinus trouble??? After looking at it through your critical lense… your sinus troubles look a lot different than mine.

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