FOCUS: December 2008… HOPE

Hope is the word that lingers in my head these days.  There’s a lot of people in need of hope.  Hope in conquering the past, the present, and the fears of the future.  Hope… I watched and interview yesterday on CBN.  CBN’s guest was Glenn Beck.  They were talking about his new book, The Christmas Sweater.  … More FOCUS: December 2008… HOPE

Are you hungry?

It’s the day after Thanksgiving… Did you get enough to eat yesterday?  I’m now extremely full after the 3 rounds of leftovers I had tonight for dinner!  I am more stuffed than the turkey was yesterday!  But that’s not quite the kind of hunger I am talking about.  Are you hungry for more of God?  … More Are you hungry?

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

I’ll never forget when Joshua Tree by U2 was released (1987).  I was in Cleveland, TN at Lee College.  I headed over to the mall after classes and purchased the cassette.  While driving back to campus I heard this song and was blown away.  “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” is a powerful song.  … More I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Focal Point

Are you living life on “Focal Point”? Focal [foh-kuhl] of or pertaining to a focus. Point [point] (n.) a particular aim, end, or purpose. (v.) to direct the mind or thought in some direction; call attention to.  (There are some 90 definitions for point on Last night I was thinking about looking for a book … More Focal Point

Thanksgiving Traditions

Before the turkey and dressing is ready to eat – my favorite thing to do is to sit in front of the TV with my children and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. What is your favorite family tradition for Thanksgiving?


After reading a passage in Psalms and reflecting on some things in and around my life – I have begun some evaluation.  These are some random questions I began to ask myself: Who do I trust?  Why? Do I trust anyone with everything about me?  Or do I pick and choose certain people depending on the circumstance? … More Trust