What would you say is…

When I drive to work in the morning I do not listen to anything.  I use that time of quiet to talk with the Lord and drink my cup of coffee.  But this morning about halfway to work I decided to turn on the radio.  There was this commercial of sorts on the radio.  The person speaking spoke of this “thing” as the most powerful force on earth!

Before I tell you what he was talking about… before I tell you the radio station… what would you say is the most powerful force on earth?

I will await your responses before I post what the person was talking about.

9 thoughts on “What would you say is…

  1. I would say it is the believer who is fully submitted to the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

    I would say that the commercial is talking about duct tape, or the body odor I have after backpacking for 3 weeks while I chomp on garlic, maybe they are advertising for gravity. Wow, I could speculate all day.

  2. Love Lived Loudly.

    Ditto on the duct tape comment. Very strong stuff. I would also have to say that when my wife gives me that “sad” look. You know the one, with the lower lip puffed out and the teary eyes…whatever she wants are needs at the moment – she gets it!

  3. “is this a natural or supernatural force that you are asking about?”

    Raginggenious, your mind is much smarter than mine… I’m rather narrow-focused. I’m very curious as to what your raginggenious mind would think is the most powerful force on earth? This is your answer – not mine. Is it of the natural world or the supernatural?

    I will tell you about the commercial I heard later… until then, what say you?

  4. Well technically since God created and controls all, everything is supernatural. Since God is everywhere, God is the most powerful force on Earth. I highly doubt that this is what was on the radio though. It all depends on your perception of things. Some might say wind or water since over time the can bring down mountains. It all depends on what level you choose to look.

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