Great experience today

I’m reluctant to share the following story… I do so hopefully to inspire you to do whatever God leads you to do.  No matter how small or large a thing God tells you to do… just do it.  Be obedient and see what He does.

There’s a wonderful lady in our town God gives me the incredible pleasure of praying for.  She was my next door neighbor when I was in Middle School through College.  I pass by her house daily going back and forth from work.  Since her house is right off of the road I travel each day I always look that way… looking that way is a habit from my youth.  The Lord uses that habit as a reminder to pray for her everyday.

Today, while at the Post Office – God’s Spirit said go see her.  So I drove to her house to finish off my lunch hour.  We got caught up with each other for a few moments and I told her why I was there.  I told her, “I stopped by to pray for you.”  Wow!  What an awesome moment!  God’s love and grace is so beautiful.

Do you have someone you pray for regularly?  Do you have someone who has meant a lot to you over the years?  Why not drop in and share God’s love and the love you have for them!!  If you don’t live near by then write them a little note to let them know you are praying for them. 

I went there today to bless her with God’s Spirit working through me… I left blessed!

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