After reading a passage in Psalms and reflecting on some things in and around my life – I have begun some evaluation.  These are some random questions I began to ask myself:

  • Who do I trust?  Why?
  • Do I trust anyone with everything about me?  Or do I pick and choose certain people depending on the circumstance?
  • How do I know when someone is trustworthy? 
  • What are the traits of someone who is trust worthy?
  • Once trust has been broken – How does someone regain my trust? Is it possible?

trust [truhst]

reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

God is all strength for his people,
      ample refuge for his chosen leader;
   Save your people
      and bless your heritage.
   Care for them;
      carry them like a good shepherd. (Psalm 28:8-9, The Message).

I know at times in life (family, church, job, and other relationships) it is tough to trust.  To have full confidence in someone else can be a scary thing.  Especially if one of those people or institutions has broken that trust.  I think sometimes I am too trusting of others… almost to the point of being naive.  Although, lately I have been catching myself being very skeptical of putting a lot of trust in others.  I don’t like being like that. 

I had surgery on my arm and back this year.  I had these lypoma’s removed.  All is well with me and the places where they were removed.  The strange thing is that I am very guarded still about those two areas on my body.  There was some damage there in the past.  It has been dealt with… yet I still want to protect them especially when someone touches either area.  I don’t even like to touch those places either.

Being hurt or let down by others will make anyone skeptical of putting total trust on the line once again. Does this keep you from trusting God?

I was reading Psalm 28 and this idea of trust came to my mind.  I thought about a few words in the two verses listed above.  (Strength, refuge, save, care for, and carry.)  I asked myself these questions: 

Do I really rely on His strength?  Do I trust Him to be my refuge or fortress?  Do I trust Him to save me?  Do I have confidence that He cares for me?  When I know I’m at the end of my strength do I trust He will carry me?

Ma`owz – fortress

(As found in Psalm 28:8)

place or means of safety, protection, refuge, stronghold

  1. place of safety, fastness, harbour, stronghold
  2. refuge (of God) ( Bible Study Tools).

When the world all around seems so unstable – Look to God… trust Him with your life!  He loves us both so much!  Run to safety trust the LORD to carry you.

Early Morning Conversations

This morning I was awake at 5:02.  I sat up and thought to myself, “It sure feels warm in this house this morning.” (It’s always freezing in our bedroom… just ask the penguins that moved in last week.)  Back to the early morning wake up call…  I put my head back down and thought, “What do You want to talk about?”  I have had a lot on my mind the past couple of months.  If I told you everything that has been on my mind – I know I would overwhelm you.

I asked God, “What do You want to talk about?”  I believe He gave me my next thought.  He wanted me to talk about one of those things on my mind.  I prayed and the next thing I knew it was just a few minutes after 7.  I don’t know how long we talked… Joel will probably have a smart remark and say a minute or two… I just don’t recall the time.  But I do know the conversation with God was about.

So, now I’m in my office jotting down some of my thoughts before they get away.  Peace, hope, love, joy, and calm are the things running through my mind… and my heart.  I’m thankful for the experience.  I’m thankful for the conversation at 5:02 AM.

After jotting down my thoughts – I looked up Brian Bloye’s blog (Pastor of West Ridge Church in Hiram).  He has a post entitled, “Still”.  Take a quiet moment and read what he as to say.  I know you will be spoken to…