1/2 Birthdays…

walker-bw-12_083I bet you only celebrate your birthday once a year!  Me too. But not my kids…

About 10 years ago or so Jacqueline started pointing out her 1/2 Birthdays.  She would turn 4 then 4 1/2 then 5 next would be 5 1/2 and so on… Well, this was a big deal for her.  So, I decided to make a big deal of it too.  I decided that on my children’s 1/2 Birthday we would go out to dinner.  Just me and the child celebrating the 1/2… a night out with Dad. 

A part of the  deal is that the child gets to pick the place to eat… anywhere!  Jacqueline’s first year was Red Lobster and got Crab Legs!  I believe she was 4 1/2 maybe 5 1/2… I’m sure she could tell me exactly.  Now it’s off to Dave and Buster’s for Jacqueline and Valerie.

Last week was Walker’s 6 1/2 year old birthday!  He wanted Chuck E. Cheese.  We had a blast!  I loved watching him run through those 80 Tokens!!  He ended up with 320 tickets to spend on prizes.  He would have come out better going somewhere else eating then letting me buy him something at Target for $10.  img00314bw

But that would have spoiled the fun!  It really was fun.  We had an incredible time and wouldn’t have missed the moment for the world.  He’s a special kid… I love him so much!

One thought on “1/2 Birthdays…

  1. Cute Roye, Got me thinkin 37 and a half? I am going to talk my husband into this, maybe we all need to go out on the half’s!!! Love this idea. 🙂

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