Let Love In (updated)

The message of love permeates the world at this time every year.  Can you hear it?  Do you hear the message?  Or are you lost in the packages, parties, and pressures? 

The message is this… God came to this world wrapped up in flesh.  He is Emmanuel “God with us”.  He lived and walked this earth as a man.  Now we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  He came so that we could be made right with God… he came as a Savior to set us free from our sin and death.

In the midst of the Season, do you hear Him calling?  Speaking?  Do you hear Him calling you to Himself? 

I struggle with forgiveness.  I want to be a forgiving person… one that can let the past remain in the past.  Today I want to forgive and let love in.  Whatever you find yourself struggling with – let the love of Jesus Christ in – he will forgive and the Holy Spirit will fill you.

3 thoughts on “Let Love In (updated)

  1. True, honest, loving relationships between one another is the best way that I can bring someone to Christ. I just spent the evening with people that I feel so much love for. They have unconditionally loved me now for 4 years, through thick and thin, up and down, side ways and always, ugly and pretty too. Guess what kind of reaction my neighbors and friends that don’t know Christ will have when I talk about this night and our relationship filled with this kind of love? They will be drawn to him. Drawn to Jesus. I bet you know where I was at tonight Roye 🙂

  2. Josh, thanks for stopping by. I have begun to check out yours as well and looking forward to getting to know you more!

    Amy, I appreciate your honesty so much! Keep your eyes on Jesus – He will use you with those around you. He has given you an audience to influence. Continue to build those relationships!

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